I’m a fairly recent convert to brownies. So many can be so disappointing, you know? You think you’re getting a brownie, and you end up with sloppy, almost uncooked batter, or (worse) dry, crumbly cake. Not anymore. These brownies are the real deal: glossy topped, rich, deeply chocolatey. I don’t want to oversell them, but they’re absolutely brilliant.



Perhaps you’d like a batch for your birthday at the office, or for a leaving do, or even (brownie points!) to send to a friend as a gift?

Or maybe you’re looking for something more spectacular: a huge tray of them for a big party, or piled up into a tower, and dressed with beautiful flowers, for your wedding?

Whatever you’re looking for, I’m your girl.

Fill in the contact form below, letting me know the rough number of brownies you’re looking for, when and where you need them, and what the event is, and I’ll come straight back to you with a quote.




And you don’t have to stay classic – why not try one of my other flavours:

Peanut butter & jelly


Black forest gateau

Salted caramel


Salted pretzel

Chocolate orange

Spiced chilli chocolate


Mint choc chip

Malted milk

Collection is possible from my home in E4 for orders of 12 or more brownies.

Delivery is possible for a small charge in London for orders of 24 or more brownies.

Prices start at 19.99 for 12 brownies.

These brownies will keep beautifully at room temperature for 3 days, in the fridge, covered for a week, or well wrapped in the freezer for a month.